Open ISNI for Organizations contains over 500,000 ISNI identifiers and data available in CSV and JSON.


  • Database is exported periodically during the day, usually every two hours or less.
    • There are two compressed packages containing the same data in two different data set formats. (CSV and JSON)
    • The filename contains the name of the data format. E.g. “” or “”.
    • We do not include the version or age in the filename to make it easier for most utility programs to poll for the same filename and date and only download files when the filedate is new enough for them.
    • We use Linux ZIP utility to compress the files to be compatible with popular windows packages such as “7-zip” and “Winzip”.
  • institution JSON object
    • isni
    • name
    • locality (aka city)
    • admin_area_level_1_short  (aka state)
    • country_code (iso 3166, 2 digit format)
  • institution CSV object: comma separator, double quote wrapped strings, linux newline end-of-line
    • isni
    • name
    • locality
    • admin_area_level_1_short
    • country_code