Open ISNI for Organizations is a new service to share the ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) identifiers and data for over 500,000 organizations with the world.

To optimize usability and interoperability, we are currently reengineering the free and open services we provide to the community. New API services and search functions will appear on this page in due course. Should you require an ISNI or Ringgold ID in the interim, please register for a free account at https://ido.ringgold.com/register, or contact us at isni@ringgold.com

This service will provide:

•    An API to obtain and resolve existing ISNIs for organizations
•    A free online look-up service to search and obtain ISNI records

Neither the web service nor website require registration and are free to use. The use of the ISNI data contained herein is completely open and you may utilise and share the ISNI identifiers as you see fit.

As a “Registration Agency (RAG)” for ISNI, Ringgold has registered our entire Identify Database, of over 500,000 organizational entries, with ISNI identifiers. The Open ISNI for Organizations service makes that data available for use. The proprietary data held by Ringgold, such as the Ringgold ID, metadata, demographics and organizational relationships are not shared in this dataset.

The data contained herein is supplied to Ringgold as an ISNI Registration Agency by the ISNI Assignment Agency on behalf of the ISNI International Agency. The ISNI number is an ISO standard, ISO 27729(ISNI) governed and managed by the ISNI International Agency. Ringgold holds no rights to this data other than those provided to us in our capacity as a Registration Agency to supply ISNI data to third parties.

ISNI is an international standard bridging identifier to link data among disparate datasets. Any dataset mapped to ISNIs, whether open or proprietary can be linked together to provide interoperability between systems to benefit the entire scholarly community.

For more information on Ringgold ISNI RAG services: www.ringgold.com/isni
For more information on ISNI: www.isni.org

It should be noted that as Ringgold operates within the scholarly, academic and educational communities. ISNI Identifiers may be applied to organizations in other industries, and may not be represented in the data provided by Ringgold. This does not mean that an ISNI for those organizations does not exist. To check if an ISNI exists outside the scope of the Open ISNI for Organizations database, please go to: www.isni.org/search

Ringgold Inc. and ISNI can not be held responsible in any way for damages arising from the use or misuse of this data or service. Use this data, website, and web services at your own risk.