Ringgold-ISNI is our project to share our ISNI linked database to the world. Through this project we provide: a downloadable database, web service API and a web site for the general public to use our institutional names with ISNI identifiers.

This site does not require registration at this time and is free to use. We reserve the right to require registrations in the future should a reasonable need arise.

Ringgold Inc. maintains a database of institutions, worldwide, that purchase scholarly journals called Identify. As a “Registration Agency (RAG)” for ISNI, we have registered our entire database, over 500 thousand entries, with ISNI identifiers. The Ringgold-ISNI project makes that data available for use. Not all of the Identify metadata, demographics and relationships are shared in this dataset.

For more information on Ringgold ISNI RAG services: www.ringgold.com/isni
For more information on Ringgold Identify database contact: www.ringgold.com/identify

ISNI is an international standard bridging identifier to assist the industry in linking data from disparate sources with disparate identifiers. Each data supplier starts by assigning the ISNI identifiers to their institutions then sharing data using the ISNI identifiers instead of their private identifiers.

Disclaimer: always use this data, website and web services at your own risk. Ringgold Inc. and ISNI will not be responsible in any way for damages arising from the use or mis-use of this data and service.