Open ISNI for Organizations is a CCC service that provides ISNIs  (International Standard Name Identifier) for organizations worldwide.

ISNI is an ISO standard (ISO 27729) that identifies public identities of individuals and organizations. The ISNI is designed to act as a bridge identifier enabling the connection of different data sets, such as the Ringgold Identify Database, in support of broader interoperability. In this way, ISNI provides a ‘bridge’ between any public or proprietary dataset where the ISNI has been incorporated. For more information on ISNI: www.isni.org 

This service provides:

•    An API to obtain and resolve existing ISNIs for organizations > Click here 
•    An online look-up service to search for organizations and obtain ISNIs > Click here 
•    An online look-up service to search by ISNI > Click here 

The services are free to use and do not require registration. The ISNI data that CCC is providing is open, and may be utilized and shared freely.

Ringgold is a Registration Agency for ISNI

Ringgold became the first ISNI Registration Agency for organizations in May 2012 and has participated in the standardization of organizational identifiers since 2005. CCC releases ISNIs to all Ringgold Identify Database customers and to the general public. Ringgold Identify Database includes over 600,000 Ringgold IDs for organizations with 99.6% having a corresponding ISNI ID. The Open ISNI for Organizations service makes a subset of this data available for use. The proprietary data held in the Ringgold Identify Database, such as the Ringgold ID, metadata, demographics and organizational relationships are not shared in this dataset. 

For more information on Ringgold ISNI Registration Agency services: www.ringgold.com/isni

The data contained herein is supplied to CCC as an ISNI Registration Agency by the ISNI Assignment Agency on behalf of the ISNI International Agency. The ISNI number is an ISO standard, ISO 27729 (ISNI) governed and managed by the ISNI International Agency. CCC holds no rights to this data other than those provided to us in our capacity as a Registration Agency to supply ISNI data to third parties.

It should be noted that CCC operates within the scholarly, academic and educational communities. ISNI Identifiers may be applied to organizations in other industries, and may not be represented in the data provided by CCC. This does not mean that an ISNI for those organizations does not exist. To check if an ISNI exists outside the scope of the Open ISNI for Organizations database: www.isni.org/search

To register a new ISNI for your organization, please contact us at ringgoldsupport@copyright.com

Ringgold Inc. and ISNI can not be held responsible in any way for damages arising from the use or misuse of this data or service. Use this data, website, and web services at your own risk.